Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing ?

•Cloud Computing is a general term used to describe a new class of network based computing that takes place over the Internet,

–basically a step on from Utility Computing

–a collection/group of integrated and networked hardware, software and Internet infrastructure (called a platform).

–Using the Internet for communication and transport provides hardware, software and networking services to clients

These platforms hide the complexity and details of the underlying infrastructure from users and applications by providing very simple graphical interface or API (Applications Programming Interface).

•In addition, the platform provides on demand services, that are always on, anywhere, anytime and any place.

•Pay for use and as needed, elastic

–scale up and down in capacity and functionalities

•The hardware and software services are available to

–general public, enterprises, corporations and businesses markets

•A number of characteristics define cloud data, applications services and infrastructure:

–Remotely hosted: Services or data are hosted on remote infrastructure.

–Ubiquitous: Services or data are available from anywhere.

–Commodified: The result is a utility computing model similar to traditional that of traditional utilities, like gas and electricity - you pay for what you would want!