C , C++ Programing Language


C Programming Language is simple and basic programming programming language other than Batch .

Now Without wasting our precious time , I am starting to introduce you about C Programing Language.

Introduction :

At the Start we will learn about Veriables which are used to declear the numbers , words , and sybolls…

Veriable “Rules”…

Veriable’s should be start with any alphabetical word or Special Symboll , i.e. :- int a , No1 , _ , $ ;

In Veriable declearation blank spaces are not allowed .

i.e. wrong method :- int No 1 ;

i.e. right method :- int No1 ;

After each veriable declearing you should use coma ( , ) to seprate them .

i.e. :- int No1 , No2 ;

After all veriable decleared you should semicolon ( ; ) to end the decleariation .

i.e. :- int No1 , Ok ;

Veriable should not start with numerical value .

i.e. wrong method :- int 1no ;

i.e. right method :- int No1 ;


auto double int struct

break else long switch

case enum register typedef

char extern retutn union

const float short unsigned

continue for signed void

default goto sizeof volatile

do if static while

Veriable declearition…

Veriable declearition is the process to tell memory that compiler has to add the particular veriable in memory .

Ex. :- int No1 ;

float total ;

Note :- While declearing veriable it should be decleared in 8 digits .

Veriable initilisation…

Veriable initilisation is a process in which we have to initilise / declear a specific value for the veriable which value is constant or changing time to time .

Ex. :- float pi = 3.14 ;

const int a = 20 ;

const pi = 3.14 ;

Character initilisation…

Character initilisation is a process in which we have to initilise / declear a specific character for our character which is constant at any time .

Ex. :- char a = ‘p’ ;

Note :- The character we having declearing should be decleared in between single inverted comas ( ‘ ’ ) .